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Not only can Dr. Matian provide compliance with the Labor Code by serving as a Medical Director, but he can also analyze and evaluate procedures retrospectively as allowed by Labor Code Regulation 9792.5.  

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Key Benefits

bullet Compliance with Labor Code Section 4610
bulletCompliance with Labor Code Regulation 9792.5
bulletReduced medical expenditures
bulletImproved healing potential for patients
bulletFaster return to work time

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bulletAnalyze Treatments For Any Date of Injury  
Retrospective consultations may be performed irrespective of the date of injury.
bulletAnalyze Treatments For Any Date of Service
Consultations may be performed irrespective of when the medical treatment in question occurred or is to occur; they can be retrospective, concurrent, or prospective.
bulletServe as a Guide For Future Medical Treatment
For example, some treating physicians perform unnecessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures, creating excessive costs and in most cases produce false positives and “red-herrings”.  Such over utilization patterns, when caught early and objected to, can prevent unnecessary future expenses. 

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